The Open Word

From 2003 to 2010, I hosted a morning devotional program (called The Open Word) every weekday on 3 different radio stations in Southwest North Dakota.  Each audio player has one devotional.  Please feel free to listen to them when you need a quick “pick-me-up” devotional thought for your day.  I hope you’re blessed!

Click on the red PLAY button to listen to all of The Open Word audio devotionals, or simply scroll on the list to choose the one you want to listen to.

What was Louis to do?

It was a dilemma that could end in so many challenging ways.  Would he make the correct decision?

What about "Coconut Harry?"

Who is “Coconut Harry,” and what does his experience have to do with the value of persistence?

Fake, or real?

Is it possible that you could be buying clothing with a fake designer label?  How does this subject parallel in the spiritual realm?

Across the Miles

Dewitt Williams stirred restlessly.  He switched on his bedside light and looked at his watch. It was 4 o’Clock in the morning.  He turned off his light and tried to get back to sleep.  It was no use.  Dewitt was suffering from…


Why use a compass?

Imagine being alone in the wilderness, and seeing this when you look down.

Is there a pet that I shouldn't own?

Pastor Mike talks about one pet that people should probably never consider.

How Important is Oxygen?

Have you ever fainted?  Is there a spiritual comparison?  Yes!  Take a listen.

What's the largest number of cataract surgeries done in one day?

Pastor Mike reveals information about a doctor who has done an amazing number of operations in one day, and draws a spiritual parallel.

A minister was called to deliver a message to someone in a tavern.

What happens when a drunkard questions the existence of God?

Diamond Jim Brady had WHAT for breakfast?

Diamond Jim Brady could eat… Just wait until you hear about this man’s diet.  The spiritual applications are abundant!