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Do you have someone in your life that needs to hear about God's love?

Life is fast-paced. It gets busy.  Open Word Radio Devotionals are now available on audio CD. They can be listened to in the car, at home, or on the home computer. Each copy contains 20 thought-provoking messages, and comes professionally mixed, cellophane shrink-wrapped, and ready to share with your friends and family members.  They are so reasonably priced that we’ve had subscribers purchase them in large quantities to give away to people in their daily encounters.  There are also a select number of sermon presentations on Compact Disc as well. Following, are pictures of the front cover of these CD’s, and a link that will give you more information:

Kissing A Scorpion
Shame Off You

Here is a copy of a FREE e-Book that contains 5 spiritual thoughts from Pastor Mike of The Open Word. Please feel to read and share this resource with your family and friends.
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This little book changed my life, and now you can read it online without cost or obligation!  Just click the picture of the book, and you will be taken to the website where you can do just that. I believe it’s worth the time that you’ll invest! 

My friend Keith Todd has one of the best voices in in the voice-over industry. A few years ago I asked him to read scripture for the Christmas holiday season. Anytime we can lift up Jesus Christ as the greatest gift that this world has been given, we should take that opportunity.  I had Keith read the scriptures surrounding the birth of our Savior, and I added a soft holiday music bed underneath his rich vocals. You can listen to a sample of the audio here. To receive more information on owning this CD, please click the link below.